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– 💥 The Brussels P0rnFilmFestival and the SNAP! Festival come together to make one big splash 💥 –

From May 4th until May 7th 2023, join us in Brussels to ❤️‍🔥RESIST ❤️‍🔥 with us!

Movies, panels, documentaries, live performances and concerts: the programm will be full of amazing things and reasons to come.

More info will be posted soon! Follow us 🙂


🎞️ About the Brussels P0rnFilmFestival 🎞️

Love it or hate it, it is undeniable that p0rn is here to stay. Or has it ever been away? More than just closeups and money shots, p0rn is the most watched and produced audiovisual genre in the world, showing a diversity as vast as human desire. As a rich counterculture phenomena, contemporary p0rn embraces new forms of expression and is used by marginalized groups not only as a way of creating and exploring new forms, fantasies and desires, but also as a powerful political and creative tool. Feminists, LGBTQI+, s3x workers and other minority groups choses to turn their cameras to their own bodies to create a presence usually ignored by mainstream media.

The BxlPFF is the first and biggest p0rn film festival in Belgium, presenting a diverse program going from arthouse films to DIY projects fuelled with a political desire to showcase different approaches, practices and bodies to the most watched and produced film genre in the world.

The festival is mainly focused on short films, but also presents a selection of feature films, panel discussions, professional encounters, art exhibitions, parties and more!

We are here to destigmatize p0rn together, collectively in a movie theater!


☂️ About the SNAP! Festival ☂️

SNAP!’s primary goal is to give voice to s3x workers working in the various s3x trades and to shed light from the inside on the experiences of these activities that are too often misunderstood and stigmatized.

SNAP’s programming is dedicated to highlighting works created by or with the active collaboration of those involved, in order to give voice to the diversity of the experiences of s3x workers. From the most complex to the most agentive, the stories and representations of s3x work are presented, talked about, shown and analyzed in a festive and benevolent context.

Minorities – of gender and s3xuality, racialized, precarious – are structurally made invisible in the dominant media, or misrepresented. Among them, s3x workers are particularly victims of stigmatizing stereotypes. Yet, representations have a predominant place in the construction of social imaginary. For that reason, creating and promoting narratives that respect minority populations is crucial in the fight against discrimination.

Moreover, as s3x workers are mainly cisgender women, transgender men and women, people in migration process, LGBTQI+, fighting against prejudices and violence against s3x workers is fighting against s3xism, homophobia, transphobia, racism and xenophobia.


Jour et heure

mai 4 (Jeudi) - 7 (Dimanche)



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